Aquarium Of The Americas New Orleans La

New Orleans Audubon Aquarium Of The Americas

If you're visiting the Audubon Zoo, make sure to check out the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
located in New Orleans Louisiana.


One of the great features that they have is the Entergy IMAX theatre, where you can check out amazing shows, 3D movies, and interactive features. With surround sound, and beautiful color and definition, you can learn about different types of animals, and amazing features about the aquarium.



The Audubon Aquarium is actually located just across from the French Quarter. You will love spending time here and can easily find yourself relaxing on a long, lazy afternoon, walking around and watching the kids have fun as they learn about different animals like feeding stingrays, the Caribbean reef, and different exploration activities that take place on the Mississippi River.

The kids will have an amazing time as they get to see stingrays up close, real sharks swimming in the water, and penguins which is always a fun and interactive exhibit for kids.


Be sure that the kids get to see the swimming otters Buck and Emma and they will definitely have fun as they watch them play. Kids will enjoy their time with these fun critters.


There are gift shops and dining establishments so you can get something to eat while you're here.


The aquarium is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. And be sure to check out the schedule online for the calendar of events, so that way you don't miss an exhibit like the great white shark 3D exhibit which is only 40 minutes long.


When you go to visit the penguins, you'll find out they're very animated. They all look like they have their little tuxedos on. You get to see them in the water as well, as you stand at a viewing area where you will be able to take pictures in front of their tank. There are about 35 penguins and you can see them in different ages ranging from about 2 to 33 years old.

Be sure to ask about black footed penguins and which ones are considered the rockhoppers. Penguins are fed every day at 10:30 a.m. And also at 3 p.m., so make sure to try to time this if you want to include this as part of your day.


Are you ready for more great animal exhibits? Be sure to check out the creature feature! With such amazing animals like the piranha, rare dart frog, or even the small, slithering snakes, you'll be surprised and shocked when you see how important they are to the ecosystem and the environment.

Let’s not forget other things like the Amazon rainforest where you’re going to take a journey of the Mississippi River. Be sure that you check out the large collection of sharks and jelly fish that they have on display. And lastly, don't let the kids miss the white Gator while you're there!

The Mississippi River - Picture taken in Gretna, LA on the levee where the ferry crosses. This is a great way to get on the Mississippi River. Only $2 and do a round trip. Many people walk on for the ride. You can also bring your car but that is not really needed. If it is Saturday you can head over to the Gretna Farmers Market. Nice covered market place so it is open rain or shine.
Gretna Farmer Market - Gretna, Louisiana
gretna-la-farmers-market-vegetables.JPG gretna-louisiana-farmers-market.JPG
Come join us every Saturday morning in Old Downtown Gretna LA as the local farmers come to the market place.

10 small pictures you can click on to see in super size. 3 meg pictures of Old Downtown Gretna, LA.

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