Cajun Country

Louisiana Cajun Country

A little bit south of Shreveport Louisiana and a bit east of Beaumont Texas, an area of this country that is among the most strange and exotic places to visit exists and that is the house of the Cajuns in southern Louisiana. When one thinks about "Cajun Country", you naturally begin to think of New Orleans. And to be sure, that great city, despite the destructive damage done by the hurricanes over the years, is home to some of the richest Cajun culture of the area.

But New Orleans is not the only location you can become lost in the beauties of this remarkable subset of American culture. The Cajun world is undoubtedly a culture all its own. As you pay attention to the method the locals of this world talk, you will begin to realize that somehow here within the borders of the good old USA, a virtual other world has matured and grew for these lots of years and centuries.

Arrival Of The Cajuns

The history of the arrival of the Cajuns to southern Louisiana is a fantastic American story that is rarely told or understood. However all of it began in far away Canada when an influx of the French culture came across discrimination and hostility in that northern part of the world. When the Canadian "hosts" proved to be most ungracious, these French immigrants were "deported" and their ships finally came to rest in the wild regions of southern Louisiana long before this location was civilized and organized into a state. Over the decades the combination of French, Creole, Spanish, and Indian and African culture resulted in this rich amalgam that we now know as "Cajun".

The Cajun individuals will seem unusual and peculiar to those of us used to exactly what is normal to American standards. But let yourself be swept away to this exotic world here in America and you too will find yourself gradually adapting to the Cajun way of life and viewpoint. You will find that the Cajun and Creole cultures are exceptionally friendly and there is no day that is not a good day for a celebration in Cajun Country. In fact, Cajuns commemorate everything that deserves commemorating consisting of funerals as they send off their a lot left with a rousing jazz band and family members chuckling and making pleasure to the tune of When the Saints Go Marching In.

Cajun Food And Cooking

No evaluation of the excellent things of the Cajun culture is complete without a reference of the fantastic food. Get your stomach prepared for a few of the most unique and stimulating foods you are ever most likely to enjoy as you settle into a local diner in the heart of southern Louisiana. The Gumbo and other uniquely Cajun meals will sizzle the mouth and set your stomach to tingling too. But don't worry when it appears your digestion system is on fire. When those powerful spices take hold in your blood, you will enjoy the very best night of sleep that you can keep in mind.

You must come out of your sightseeing journey to Cajun country with a new noise in your ears also because the Cajun beats are unlike anything you have actually ever heard prior to. It isn't really nation, it isn't really blues, it isn't entirely jazz and it isn't really bluegrass. It is all those things therefore much more. So if you are pushing back from the table after a big assisting of fried crawdad and alligator tail, if the locals ask you if you want to remain for the celebration, tell them yes so you can become immersed in the terrific Cajun music that can just be had here in Cajun country.

Experience Louisiana Cajun Country

Among the fantastic things about sightseeing in America is that every area of the nation has its own distinct flavor and culture for all of us to take pleasure in. And Louisiana certainly has one of the wealthiest and most diverse cultures that has actually matured in the swamps around Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Providing yourself to the opportunity to experience these rich cultures is just as broadening as travel to Europe, Asia or Africa. And it's a great deal closer.

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