Hydroseeding In Louisiana

Get A New Green Yard In SE Louisiana The Hydroseed Way

Many people in SE Louisiana are building new houses and using hydroseeding as a way to get a yard full of green grass. With the increased knowledge and advancements in the agricultural technology of integrated farming has brought up many new methodologies of crop production to oversee huge yields at the end of the harvesting season. Being a new technique of planting, many farmers are asking themselves what is hydroseeding. This is the process involving slurry of seeds and mulching material during planting. The transportation of the tank containing the slurry is done by a trailer which then sprays the seeds on the prepared ground. When the area to be covered is large and wide, the farmers with financial stability use helicopters to transport and spread the slurry.

Cost Of Hydroseeding In Louisiana

Hydro seeding is a bit lower in price than other traditional methods of planting a normal sized yard. Many people will build their house and have a hydroseed truck come by and spray their yard. In about 2 hours you have a green yard and within a week the grass sprouts start. In another 4 weeks you will need to have the grass trimmed. In no time your yard went from dirt to a full grassy field. The many benefits associated with this method are evident. It is very efficient because several types of fertilizers will be mixed in the slurry of grass seeds and be applied in one application. This simultaneously cuts the costs that would be associated with labor and the trouble of disturbing the lawns when applying the fertilizers on different days. This cost effectiveness when has made it very popular. This method if adopted will cost about half of what a sodded yard would cost. When considering other methods of planting like sod, you will realize that more money is required in sod than in hydro-seeding.

Hydro seeded lawns germinate at a very fast rate because the seed-water contact catalyses the cycle of germination therefore reducing the duration up to around 3 days. The mulch accompanying the slurry is itself organic in nature and upon decomposing adds more humus and nutrients to the lawn. Hydro seeding also allows the farmer’s choice of plant population to be maintained. This is primarily because this method allows the customization of the proper number of seeds for various jobs.

Finally, the hydro seeded grass is evenly distributed and the final product of the lawn would be very even and green yard that everyone can enjoy.

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