Mercedes Benz Superdome

New Orleans Superdome AKA Mercedes Benz Superdome

If you're in New Orleans, one of the greatest features and one of the biggest ones that you want to check out, is the Mercedes - Benz Superdome. This is the home of the New Orleans Saints! Who dat! Dem Saints, Dem Saints!


This giant stadium, seats over 52,000 people. It was constructed in 1971. When you come to visit, make sure you check out to see if there any festivals going on so you don't miss anything.

Shows to take place here like:

• The World of Appeals car exhibit
• The boat shows that has amazing boats and yachts of all different sizes and types
• Other festive things like concert venues that take place
• Live dance shows and comic performances
• And of course football


A great way to visit here, is to go online and check out the calendar to see what's available on a particular date. That way you can ensure that you know you won't miss the time frame.

Next, be sure to check right away for tickets. Depending on the type of venue, tickets for a popular show can sometimes sell out the same day that they're posted.

When you get ready to plan your visit, you have to decide whether not you're going to drive over and park or if you want to walk over. Because this is such a large stadium, if you do decide to walk over, make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Many people stay on the Northshore and do the 30 mile drive in from St Tammany Parish.


You can also book specific events at the stadium including for:

• Trade shows
• Consumer shows
• Concerts
• Family shows
• Sporting events
• Conventions
• And general sessions


Another great point about visiting the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, is all of the great food! Be sure to check out Center Plate, which exclusively provides all the food for the Superdome. As outside food and beverages are not permitted, be sure to keep this in mind if you're coming to visit. That way if you don't want to buy something ahead of time, you can eat before you come in for a venue.


Bringing a big group? You can call and ask questions about group numbers and discounted seating. You can also ask about renting out a suite for your group, that way you can have a private area with food and dining, and access to all of the top entertainment.


The stadium is also wheelchair accessible and if you have any questions or need special assistance, you can always ask when you arrive, you can call ahead, or you can go online to the website.

There's also hearing assistance, and special elevators in service areas for those in need of assistance in wheelchairs.

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