Motor Club In Louisiana

Louisiana Motor Club Of America Benefits

Motor Club Of America is a network marketing company that offers motor club plans. People that sign up for a motor club plan can also be part of the business opportunity. Mr. William W. Green, born in 1900 in Atlantic City, NJ, founded motor Club of America. At the age of 26 years, he became the Chief Executive Officer of both Motor Club of America and its former subsidiary Motor Club Of America Insurance Company until 1986. He gained a lot of experience and insights, which he used to make the company what it is today. During that period, Mr. Green together with the help of his brothers and family continued to grow Motor Club of America’s business to become the “major insurer and auto-service agency” within the United States of America. MCA has been a trusted name since 1926 and has had about over seven million members and still counting. The physical location for MCA is TVC Matrix, 3200 W. Wilshire Blvd OKC, OK 73116. Ever since its inception, MCA has built a solid foundation for business based on trust and quality service delivery and other benefits.

Some of the services, just to mention briefly include providing road assistance for vehicles, motorcycles, rvs, boats, livestock trailers and duallys over one ton. Other services offered are towing, change of flat tire, fuel delivery, discounts on prescription, car rentals, hotel, bail bonds and attorney fees. It also provides members with cover hospital emergency room care in the case of unfavorable events. MCA members receive attorney fees as covered accidents. In most States in the US, one needs to have a license in order to sell MCA Plan. These states are: Alabama, California, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Maryland, Montana, Mississippi, Nevada, Nebraska, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming.

This is Network Marketing also known as Direct Sales, MLM, Multi Level Marketing. MCA believes refuses to rely on services such as television and radio to get the word out there but instead continues to get more business through referrals and "word of mouth" due to quality services offered together with benefits at unbeaten prices. It also offers awesome career opportunity for sales representatives wishing to work from home to promote MCA Total Security Plan. MCA Protection Plan is not insurance but a supplemental plan that gives members benefits directly to them. MCA offers associates, who apparently are also members, an opportunity to work and earn money at home by just sharing some of the opportunities, products and services they offer. Actually MCA prefers to share information through those who know so much about the company rather than use the television and radio to reach their potential clients.

What really makes MCA stand out is the incredible roadside assistance benefits, Motor Club of America benefits include life assurance that are simply unique and quite affordable. The assurance to clients that they have emergency coverage to both vehicle breakdown and to emergency medical care gives them peace of mind. Members are also offered credit card protection in case of theft of if lost. With these packages, they feel a sense of security.

Motor Club Of America and TVC Marketing are cooperative joint ventures. With David Kircher as the President of Motor Club of America and Virgil Coffee as the President and owner of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., together with the Independent Contactor Position has helped propel the Motor Industry to even greater heights. With employees, Associates and all members working as a team, the company’s future success is certain.

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